Audio Interview with Oliver Langmead – Unsung Stories Kickstarter 2084

You may have read my post a couple of weeks ago about Unsung Stories’ new Kickstarter campaign, an anthology of all new short fiction by some of the most innovative science fiction writers out there. If you haven’t yet donated to this fantastic Kickstarter, you can check it out here. The campaign still has a couple of weeks to go, and it’s already funded nearly FOUR TIMES the original amount! That’s great news, because some of their stretch goals have already been met, and there are more to come.

In order to help keep the momentum going, I’m thrilled to be able to share this audio interview with author Oliver Langmead, one of my favorite authors, who has a story in the anthology. After you listen to the interview, you can check out my review of Oliver’s latest book Metronome here.

Here’s quick recap of what you can expect in this anthology:

In 1948 Orwell saw a world in flux, at risk of losing liberty so recently won. In response he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four, a prophetic book. Now, in 2017, the themes are still with us.

This anthology of new short stories draws together leading science fiction writers – famous for their visions of our near future – and asks them to look into our future, to the year 2084.

Put humanity on trial as the oceans rise. Slip over borders in a Balkanised Europe. Tread the bizarre streets of cities ruled by memes. See the world through the eyes of drones. Say goodbye to your body as humanity merges with technology.

Warnings or prophesies? The path to Paradise or destruction? Will we be proud of what we have achieved, in 2084?

Our future unfolds before us.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here, you won’t be sorry!

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