Tammy’s Top Ten New(ish) Series I Want To Start

Top Ten Tuesday new 7-14 copy

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s topic is very easy for me, unfortunately. (Unfortunately because there are so many series I want to start but haven’t had time to fit in.) I’m breaking the rules a bit, because not all of these can be considered “new,” but they are all definitely series that I am determined to get to soon. Here are my Top Ten  New(ish) Series I Want to Start:

1. American Vampire series by M. L. Brennan. I just purchased the first two books, and I’m determined to read the first one this month.

2. Miriam Black series by Chuck Wendig. It’s a crying shame I haven’t read these books, being the huge Wendig fan that I am. I think I own all of them, too, so there really isn’t any excuse. Plus, Chuck just got an awesome book deal with the new Simon & Schuster imprint, Saga Press, who is re-releasing the books, and will be publishing three new ones!

3. Paradox series by Rachel Bach. I bought all three of these books after reading many gushing reviews, and I can’t wait to start!

4. Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. Here’s another series where I own the first two books but haven’t made time to read them yet.

5. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. I bought the first book when it came out, and since then it’s been gathering dust *weep*. I hear this series is a must-read, and I know lots of bloggers who love it. The fourth book in the series has not been titled yet (as far as we know).

6. The Others series by Anne Bishop. Oh how much I want to read these books! I might have purchased the first one, but I honestly don’t know, and I’d have to search through many many piles to find out.

7. The Last Policeman series by Ben H. Winters. This series about an asteroid that is about to hit earth has received some very good reviews.

8. The Golden City series by J. Kathleen Cheney. I won the first two books in a giveaway (yay!) so they are right here waiting for me. Book three comes out next year but doesn’t have cover art yet.

9. The Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to love The Lies of Locke Lamora, so of course this series is on my list!

10. Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. You may think the more obvious Sanderson choice is The Way of Kings (which I haven’t read either), but I decided to choose his superhero series instead.

So there you have it. I’d love to hear if you’ve started (or finished) any of these series.


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A Big, Bold Series Ending: INTO DARKNESS (Night Prowler #6) by J.T, Geissinger – Review

Into Darkness 3D

Into Darkness (Night Prowler #6) by J.T. Geissinger
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release date: October 21 2014
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Pages: 400

five stars

Wow, what a ride it’s been…a six book, two-year wild ride full of big, bold characters, sizzling sexytimes, and first-rate world-building. It’s rare that I ever make it through an entire series these days, and even rarer when the series is six books long. But I’m so happy I’ve stuck with Geissinger’s Night Prowler books, because I’ve enjoyed every one immensely. This is one series that could go on and on, in my humble opinion, because even in this last book I could see plot threads that begged to be expanded upon. But all good things must come to an end, yes? And no matter how much Geissinger must love her characters, I’m sure she’s ready to move on as well.

One big difference with this book is that I wouldn’t recommend reading it as a stand-alone. The previous five books worked well in that respect, because they each encapsulated their own plots and characters. But this time around, you will get more out of Into Darkness if you read the previous five books first.

I know how difficult it can be to read a review of the last book in a series, especially if you haven’t started that series. Will there be spoilers? Will the review make any sense if you aren’t already invested in the characters and world-building? Will you even read this review? I personally tend to skip reviews like this one, for all the above reasons, and so this time around, I’m leaving out spoilers for those of you who may want to start this series, but don’t want lots of plot details. Instead, I’m giving you my top ten reasons I loved Into Darkness, and some reasons in general that you should read the Night Prowler books:

1. Geissinger brings back all the characters from her previous books. This book was, in many ways, like a family reunion. Each couple (remember, these are romances, people!) from each book makes an appearance, and I can’t tell you how much fun I had reacquainting myself with them!

2. We get to see “what happens next” after Darkness Bound‘s startling events. At the time I wouldn’t have called those events “cliff-hangers,” but reading more about them made me jump up and down with glee!

3. Sisters! In this book, we meet twin sisters Lumina and Honor, who were separated as babies and are now reunited for the first time in twenty-four years. Can I just say, this may be my very favorite “sister” relationship ever? These two girls have some baggage to get past before they can really get to know each other, and each time they are in the same scene, the story leaps off the page. And for the first time during this series, I’ve actually enjoyed a sibling relationship more than the romantic one.

4. The Ikati. I’ve grown to love this race of shape-shifters more and more as the series has progressed, and Geissinger makes me love them even more in her final book. They are a race of great power and beauty, but they are also hunted and must stay hidden if they are to survive.

5. The Ikati’s gifts. Each Ikati has special gifts that add to the strength of the group, and in Into Darkness, Geissinger really steps up her game and gives her characters some very unique and cool gifts. Color me jealous! I would love to be able to turn solid matter into dust like Magnus, or foretell the future in my dreams like Demetrius.

6. Into Darkness takes place in the future. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is more of a post apocalyptic story that I expected, but by setting her story in the future, Geissinger is able to not only show the horrible effects of a certain event from the past, but also to give her characters more devastating problems to overcome.

7. Dragons! I don’t want to spoil the actual reason for dragons being part of the series, but let’s just say I was surprised and delighted by the unexpected way that the author uses dragons, especially in this book.

8. A fast-paced plot that is perfectly balanced with quieter, more emotional moments. You may not equate “romance” with “fast-paced plot,” but let me tell you, Geissinger is a master at pacing, and she really does know how to strike a satisfying balance between action and romance.

9. The relationships. I already mentioned how wonderful the relationship is between sisters Lumina and Honor, but there are other emotional and heartwarming bonds as well, like the one between Lumina and her father. Yes, the romance between Lumina and Magnus is hot, but this time around, I was more interested in the other relationships.

10. Happy endings! I don’t think it’s a spoiler to reveal that all ends well at the end of Into Darkness. After all, this is a romance at heart, where such things as happy endings are expected. (And for those of you with smut on your minds, this book has a satisfying amount of that type of happy ending as well!)

And so I bid a fond “farewell” to the Night Prowler series. I can’t wait to see what J.T. has in store for us next! I, for one, will be the first in line. Now please excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

Big thanks to Montlake Romance for supplying a review copy.

Find Into Darkness:

amazon button2b&n buttonThe book depository button Indiebound buttonGoodreads icon



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Over-Booked (12) – A Book Haul Post

Over booked banner

Over-Booked is my version of the book haul post, where I am linking up with Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews and The Sunday Post at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s been an entire month since I’ve done an Over-Booked! What with my daughter’s choir show taking up most of October so far (and it’s over now, so *sigh of relief*), I just haven’t had time.

Luckily for my teetering review pile, I don’t have too many review books, but I was lucky enough to win a giveaway, so you can see my winnings below. Here are my new books this week:


overbooked 10-18 2

I entered a blogoversary giveaway on a whim, and was lucky enough to win $50 worth of books from The Book Depository! I couldn’t have been more excited when I got the news! HUGE thanks to Carrie at The Mad Reviewer for these awesome books:

Winger and Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. After finally reading my first Smith book (100 Sideways Miles), I was hooked, and I wanted to go back and read some of his earlier books. These two have been on my wish list for a while!

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. This is one of Beukes earlier books, and I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing. Plus Angry Robot published it, and I love most everything they publish.

Generation V and Iron Night by M. L. Brennan. Many bloggers love this series, and I finally took the advice of MogsyTabitha and Nathan, and now I have my own copies of the first two books (book three comes out soon!). My plan is to read Generation V this month, review pile be damned!

Review books:

overbooked 10-18 1

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue. I got an unsolicited ARC of this a few months ago, and then this finished copy showed up. Now I must read and review it! Thanks Tor Books:-)

J by Howard Jacobson. Big thanks to Blogging for Books for this one. I hadn’t even heard of it until I saw it on their website, and it’s a bit risky for me, but I’m giving it a shot!

Covenant’s End by Ari Marmell. Thanks to Pyr books for this ARC. Although this is Book #4 in the series, I believe it can be read as a stand-alone. (And if not, I’ll let you know as soon as I read it). This doesn’t come out until February, so it will be a couple of months before I get to it.

Digital ARCs from Edelweiss & NetGalley:

Young Woman in a Garden: Stories by Delia Sherman. I have a book by Sherman in the older part of my personal library, and I didn’t realize she was still writing. This short story collection looks really good, and big plus, it’s published by one of my very favorite small presses: Small Beer Press. Thanks Small Beer!

Superheroes Anonymous by Lexie Dunne. This one sounds like a bunch of fun! Girl superheores…Yes! Thank you, Harper Voyager Impulse!

The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick. I was excited to be approved for Sedgwick’s latest, after really enjoying We Are Not Invisible. Thanks to Roaring Brook Press.

The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley. I’m taking a chance on a new, small UK publisher with this title. They claim to publish “weird” fiction, and I am looking forward to checking this one out. Thanks to Unsung Stories for the review copy!

That’s my haul! Have you read any of these? What’s your haul like this week?



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Guest Post With Catherine Egan: Meet Mayor Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As you may know by now, I am (and always will be) a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and when author Catherine Egan approached me about doing a guest post on villains, in particular one of Buffy‘s most interesting villains—Mayor Richard Wilkins III from Season Three—I couldn’t say no! Catherine’s third book in her Tian Di series, called Bone, Fog, Ash & Star, has recently been released, and she’s celebrating with a blog tour. So please welcome Catherine to Books, Bones & Buffy!

Author Guest Post

(This is one in a series of blog posts on villains; you can check out my blog for a list of villain-posts.)

Sometimes the Bad Guy just wants to be a Big Snake

The third and final book in my fantasy series The Last Days of Tian Di is in bookstores now. It’s a funny thing, finishing a series. It feels strange to be done when I’ve lived with these characters for so long. I’ve moved on to the next thing, but if I stop to think of what I’ll miss most about writing in that world, the answer is easy: the villains.

I love my villains. I love villains in general. I love writing them, reading them, watching them, thinking and talking about them. When done well, they can be such beautifully complicated characters, and the best of them are scary as hell while also being weirdly compelling or even sympathetic. As a book-writer doing a blog series on villains, I am focusing my posts on villains from books – but here is the exception, because I simply could not write about villains without including Mayor Richard Wilkins III from S3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The genius of BtVS lay at least partly in its agility – pulling off a Hunger Games-esque level of angst, terror, and high stakes, while also making fun of the very tropes it employed, and seamlessly blending in the show’s comic tone without detracting from the drama. J.K. Rowling has this agility as well, but I can’t think of many other writers who combine drama and humor quite so successfully, showing equal deftness with both. The Mayor is the show’s supreme example of this agility, and while much of the credit is due to Harry Groener’s flawless, gleeful performance, he was given first-rate material to work with.

He seems normal, doesn’t he?

At first, the Mayor is a spoof of the ruthless, conservative “family-values” politician. He won’t tolerate swearing, he is obsessively clean, jolly but firm, one moment giggling over the Family Circus (“That PJ, he’s getting to be quite a handful!”) and then organizing his monstrous underlings to kidnap newborn babies as payment for a demon. He could turn on a dime and be terrifying, too. Think of the scene when he confronts the Scoobies in the library, remarking to Giles that he’s done a fine job “raising” Buffy, and then baring his teeth and growling, “I’m going to eat her.” These moments when the mask drops are used sparingly, but to tremendous effect.

He starts out as a cleverer version of S1’s Vampire king, The Master, who was legitimately scary but also a hilariously hammy send-up of the kind of villain he was portraying. The Mayor is funnier, and he is scarier, but what makes him a truly great villain is his budding father-daughter relationship with slayer-gone-bad Faith. His growing love for her, and hers for him, is one of the most moving elements of the series. Making the viewer / reader feel for a villain while also putting that villain quite beyond redemption is powerful stuff. And there’s no better way to make us feel for them than to make them feel.


Faith and Mayor Wilkins

Faith is a heartbreaking figure – unloved, traumatized, an outsider, and going terribly, terribly wrong. She wants most of all what Buffy has: friends, parental figures, love. When the Mayor tries to cheer her up after a showdown with her ex-friends, he suggests a game of miniature golf, and our bad girl actually cracks a smile at his goofy delight. He is Faith’s undoing – turning her into a cold-blooded killer, cementing her transition to the Dark Side – but in a lovely twist, he is also exactly what she needs. He is the wrong man for a job that simply has no other applicants, and so he becomes the firm, authoritative but loving father she never had. When she puts on the pretty dress he has bought her (for his ascension to demonhood), she is awkward and pleased and uncertain: “It just isn’t me, though.” In one of the sweetest scenes the show ever devised, he tells her: “Nobody knows what you are. Not even you, little Miss Seen-It All. The ascension isn’t just my day, it’s yours too. Your day to blossom, to show the world what a powerful girl you are. I think of what you’ve done, what I know you will do… no father could be prouder.” And the ever-cynical badass Faith says, with absolute love and sincerity: “I hope I don’t let you down.”

And we have to watch these characters defeated and destroyed! There is such a cruel artistry to the set-up. When he finds her apartment wrecked and Faith missing, the Mayor is distraught and the emotional drive of the narrative flips, so that we are briefly, confusingly on his side, this man whose beloved daughter-figure is missing, who will do anything to save her, to find her. He will level the town if that’s what it takes. How can we not empathize with him completely at that moment? In later seasons, Faith’s painful journey towards atonement wins her real allies and friends (in Angel most particularly), but nobody else in the show ever loves her like the Mayor did. She doesn’t find that again.

When developing a character, the writer has to ask herself, “What does s/he want?” That’s crucial to how we understand our heroes and our villains alike. If the answer is “rule the world” or “become a big ol’ demon,” well, fine, he can still be a great character but it’s not all that interesting. In seeking to make our characters truly human (even if they aren’t), we need to ask “Who or what do they love?” For the Mayor, that’s what changes everything. That’s what raises the stakes for the final showdown, heightening the viewer’s emotions by creating an emotional conflict. We get the Mayor as goofy spoof-villain, the Mayor as doting father, and the Mayor as terrifying, invulnerable monster. This multi-layered and multi-toned character portrayal requires a tremendous amount of agility both from the actor and the writers, and the resulting villain is a near perfect piece of work.

Buffy about to destroy Mayor Wilkins!

Thanks, Catherine, for stopping by today! 

About the author:

me_picCatherine Egan grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and wrote her first novel at age 6. It was about a group of kids on a farm who ran races. Each chapter ended with “Cathy won the race again!” Since then, she has lived in Oxford, Tokyo, Kyoto, a volcanic Japanese island that erupted and sent her hurtling straight into the arms of her now-husband, Beijing, an oil rig in China’s Bohai Bay, and now Connecticut, where she is still writing books (but Cathy doesn’t win every race anymore). Her first novel, Shade & Sorceress, won a 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Gold) and was named an Ontario Library Association Best Bet for 2012 in the Young Adult Fiction category.

Find Catherine here: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

About the books:

The Last Days of Tian Di book 3: Bone, Fog, Ash & Star

Eliza hoped she could start a new life and avoid the Oracle’s terrible prophecies. That hope is dashed on her sixteenth birthday, when her best friend Charlie is nearly murdered. To find out who tried to kill him and why, Eliza must return to the life she swore she’d left behind forever in the Mancer Citadel. Soon, Eliza is pushed to her very limits, struggling to protect those she loves and pursued unrelentingly by powerful enemies as she undertakes a quest to collect four ancient treasures with the power to change the world. Impossible choices and shocking truths lie in wait as Eliza and her friends band together for a final confrontation in this conclusion to the series.

Add to Goodreads: Shade & Sorceress | The Unmaking | Bone, Fog, Ash & Star


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Waiting on Wednesday (121) THE VANISHING THRONE by Elizabeth May

WOW 2014 copy

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine, and is a fun way to share upcoming books that we’re excited about with other bloggers and readers. I think I’m jumping the gun a bit on this one, but I was so excited to see a cover and title for the sequel to the amazing The Falconer! There isn’t even a U.S. release date or cover yet, but that’s not stopping me from sharing it:

The Vanishing Throne

The Vanishing Throne (The Falconer #2) by Elizabeth May. Releases in September 2015 in the UK. U.S. date: UNKNOWN!! I really loved The Falconer, and even though I suspect the U.S. edition is more than a year away from publication, I’m already excited about the next book in the series. Here’s what Goodreads says:

My name is Lady Aileana Kameron.

First the fae murdered my mother. Then they destroyed my world.

Now I’m fighting for more than revenge.

Aileana took a stand against the Wild Hunt, and she lost everything: her home, her family and her friends. Held captive by her enemy, and tormenting herself over her failure, escape seems like only the faintest possibility. But when she gets her chance, she seizes it . . . to rejoin a world devastated by war.

The future is bleak. Hunted by the fae, running for her life, Aileana has only a few options left. Trying to become part of a society scarred by – and hiding from – the Wild Hunt; trusting that a fragile alliance with the fae will save her; or walking the most dangerous path at all: coming in to her own powers as the last of the Falconers . . .


Have you read The Falconer? Are you as anxious to read The Vanishing Throne as I am?


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Spooktacular Giveaway Hop! Choose From Four Awesome Scary Books

Spooktacular Hop

Welcome to the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop, hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer! Each stop on this hop will have all sorts of book related spooky giveaways, just in time for Halloween. For my giveaway, one international winner will get to select from one of the four books below (provided the Book Depository ships to your country). Click on the book title link to read the Goodreads description:

The Lesser Dead by Christopher Buehlman. I’m dying to read this vampire story set in the 1970s! This just came out, so I don’t even have a copy for myself yet. Here’s a blurb from Publishers Weekly:

“The sharply witty tone and graphic style mine the darker facets of vampirism, while Joey’s complex relationship with Margaret, and the poignant, prickly camaraderie he shares with Cvetko, an older vampire, add heft and humanity to Buehlman’s distinctive, twisty entry into a crowded genre.”—Publishers Weekly

Motherless Child by Glen Hirshberg. I have a copy of this book, although I haven’t had time to read it yet. It’s received some rave reviews, including this one from Horrorworld:

“A heartbreaking exploration of friendship, motherhood, love, loss, and loyalty. Motherless Child is a staggeringly good novel, and if I had any complaint, it’s that it ended too soon. Highly recommended.”—Horrorworld

Revival by Stephen King. King’s latest hits stores next month, so if this is your choice, it will be a preorder. Hopefully The Book Depository will have this lovely UK cover available, which I much prefer to the US cover. Publishers Weekly loved it!

“Spellbinding…King is a master at invoking the supernatural through the powerful emotions of his characters, and his depiction of Jacobs as a man unhinged by grief but driven by insatiable scientific curiosity is as believable as it is frightening. The novel’s ending – one of King’s best – stuns like lightning.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review))

Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. This is the only one of these four that I’ve read, and I loved it! Deceptively innocent looking on the outside, but filled with some terrifying and gruesome moments, I had a blast with this book. Here’s what Kirkus Reviews has to say about it:

“…a clever little horror story…the book starts as a Palahniuk-tinged satire about the things we own…turning the psychological manipulations and scripted experiences that are inherent to the retail experience into a sinister fight for survival. A treat for fans of The Evil Dead or Zombieland, complete with affordable solutions for better living.”—Kirkus Reviews

Ready to enter? Click here to go to the Rafflecopter page!

And don’t forget to follow the rest of the stops on this hop!


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Book Review Giveaway! September 2014

Book review giveaway button 2014 Oct copy

Welcome to the Books, Bones & Buffy Book Review Giveaway, where I try to force convince you to read the books I reviewed the previous month! So, I didn’t write that many reviews, only six, but one randomly selected winner will get to choose one of them. This giveaway is international, provided the Book Depository ships to your country. Last month’s favorite was a tie between Station Eleven and City of Stairs, two very different but equally five-star-worthy books.

Congratulations to last month’s winner…
Carl Scott!
who selected The Martian! (Great choice, Scott!)

Here are the books I reviewed last month (click on the titles below to read my review). And can I just say, look how gorgeous all these blue and gray covers look together!

five stars

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

four and a half

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

four stars

Jackaby by William Ritter

Falling Sky by Rajan Khanna

three and a half

The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley

Bloggers can grab the giveaway button and put it on your sidebar for extra points:

Books, Bones & Buffy
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Ready to enter? Simply click the Rafflecopter button below:

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Waiting on Wednesday (120) PACIFIC FIRE by Greg van Eekhout

WOW 2014 copy

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine, and is a fun way to share upcoming books that we’re excited about with other bloggers and readers. Hop on over to see more WoW picks! This week I’m featuring another new Tor title, and I cannot even express how excited I am to read this book. Van Eekhout is one of my new favorite authors, and I’m so happy the next book in the series will be out so soon:

Pacific FirePacific Fire by Greg van Eekhout. Releases in January 2015 from Tor Books. I loved van Eekhout’s unique world-building, hysterically funny characters, and all-around awesomeness in California Bones, and here he continues the story. Here’s the Goodreads description:

I’m Sam. I’m just this guy.

Okay, yeah, I’m a golem created from the substance of his own magic by the late Hierarch of Southern California. With a lot of work, I might be able to wield magic myself. I kind of doubt it, though. Not like Daniel Blackland can.

Daniel’s the reason the Hierarch’s gone and I’m still alive. He’s also the reason I’ve lived my entire life on the run. Ten years of never, ever going back to Los Angeles. Daniel’s determined to protect me. To teach me.

But it gets old. I’ve got nobody but Daniel. I’ll never do anything normal. Like attend school. Or date a girl.

Now it’s worse. Because things are happening back in LA. Very bad people are building a Pacific firedrake, a kind of ultimate weapon of mass magical destruction.  Daniel seemed to think only he could stop them. Now Daniel’s been hurt. I managed to get us to the place run by the Emmas. (Many of them. All named Emma. It’s a long story.) They seem to be healing him, but he isn’t going anyplace soon.

Do I even have a reason for existing, if it isn’t to prevent this firedrake from happening? I’m good at escaping from things. Now I’ve escaped from Daniel and the Emmas, and I’m on my way to LA.

This may be the worst idea I ever had.


 Have you started this series yet? Let me know what you’re waiting on:-)

California Bones


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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

So, I’m doing this big thing this week. My daughter’s high school vocal music association has a huge fundraiser next weekend called Burroughs on Broadway, and I’m a co-chair for the event this year. So unfortunately, with a gazillion details that need to be taken care of before next Friday’s show, I won’t have much time to read or blog. You may notice a big drop in posts for the next two weeks, so don’t panic! (As if, right? I’m sure you all are busy with your own lives and won’t be worrying about this blog!) I do have some pre-scheduled things that will pop up, but as for book reviews, you may not see any at all this coming week. Here’s a glimpse of the show:


This is my daughter’s choir, who will be performing “Promises, Promises.”

Likewise, I’ll try to stop by and comment as much as I can, but if you don’t see me around as much, this is why. I love working on the show, but I’m looking forward to getting my regular life back when it’s over:-)


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What’s On My Plate – October 2014

On My Plate

Welcome to What’s On My Plate, my monthly post where I attempt to organize my review books for the coming month, as I try desperately to read them on time. What usually happens is that I bite off way more than I can chew (although in the next few months I should be able to catch up—I hope!) and only get about halfway through my pile. But hey, that’s life! I try my best, and sometimes I have more time to read, and sometimes I have less. Here’s what I would like to read this month:

For Review:

Premonitions by Jamie Schultz. Urban fantasy and heist story all rolled into one!

The Wilds by Julia Elliott. Weird short stories. One commenter on this blog told me if I could get past the first story, I would enjoy the rest. I accept your challenge!

Sublime by Christina Lauren. A gorgeous cover, a ghost story, I’m looking forward to this YA story.

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters. I’m frustrated that there isn’t a Kindle download for this e-ARC (NetGalley, what are you thinking???), and I am still debating whether or not I want to wrestle with my Nook or not, but I really do want to read the book…

Into Darkness by J.T. Giessinger. Just hell yeah!! Can’t wait.

Black Dog by Caitlin Kittredge. More urban fantasy, this time with werewolves.

The Heart Does Not Grow Back by Fred Venturini. I’m curious to see how the author handles superheroes.

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue. Picador sent me an unsolicited ARC a few months ago, and I just received a lovely finished copy in the mail from them this past week! So I want to make sure I review this one. (And I’ll most likely give away one of my copies).

Author Guest Post:

Bone, Fog Ash & Star

I don’t really do author “blasts” or “blitzes” anymore, especially since I’ve pretty much given up on indie books. But Catherine Egan convinced me (and she didn’t even have to try very hard!) to be part of her blog tour for the last book in her Tian Di trilogy called Bone, Fog, Ash & Star. Why, you wonder? Well, Catherine has sent me a guest post about Mayor Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and as unconventional as that sounds, I couldn’t resist! Stop back here on October 16th to read her post, and you can also enter to win a set of her books!


September Book Review Giveaway. Although I only managed to write six reviews in September, I read some pretty awesome books, one of which will definitely be in my year-end top ten. Stop back on October 10th to enter!

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop, hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer. I love this giveaway hop, and this year there are a crazy amount of bloggers participating. You can still add your link to the lineup if you’re interested. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be giving away, but it will be horrific for sure:-)

That’s my extremely full month! What are you planning to read this month?


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