What’s On My Plate – January 2016!!

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I just love typing “2016”! Starting a new year is the best, because it feels like a fresh start. I have to admit I’ve had some blogger ennui lately, and for the past couple of months I’ve had trouble finding that spark of excitement that has propelled me to keep this blog going for the past four and a half years. Maybe it’s just end-of-the-year doldrums, because it’s pretty near impossible to blog when you aren’t having any fun, right?

January is going to be BUSY here on the blog, but I’ve already got a jump on my review books and have read three January titles already, which makes me feel good about starting the year off right:-) Those reviews will be posted very soon, but in the meantime, here’s what you can expect to see here this month:

 Books for Review:

Skinner Luce by Patricia Sarrafian Ward. I received this review copy from Talos, a small publisher that is fast becoming one of my favorites. This sounds like a very unique alien invasion story.

City of Blades (The Divine Cities #2) by Robert Jackson Bennett. This is probably my most highly anticipated book of January, since I adored City of Stairs last year. Judging by the high rating it’s already got on Goodreads, I’m expecting this to be epic:-)

All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders. I’ll be reviewing this at The Speculative Herald on January 20th, but it may go up here first, I’m not sure yet. I’m so excited to finally read a book I’ve been hanging onto since July!

Drake (The Burned Man #1) by Peter McLean. As I mention below, I’ll be on the blog tour for this book soon. I really enjoyed it, and my review should be up in the next few days.

A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly. Look for my review on The Speculative Herald near the end of the month (and reposted here soon after).

The Last Weekend: A Novel of Zombies, Booze, and Power Tools by Nick Mamatas. This book was NOT at all what I was expecting, but in a good way. My review should be up very soon, so stay tuned, and I’ll explain what I mean:-)

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster. This is a January Tor.com novella, and I’m really loving these short bites of spec fic goodness! I’ll also be reviewing Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace this month, which I ADORED. It’s definitely my favorite Tor.com novella so far. Look for both reviews this month!

Lustlocked (Sin du Jour #2) by Matt Wallace. And hot on the heels of Envy of Angels is this sequel from Tor.com, which I cannot WAIT to read!

Best of Apex Magazine: Volume 1, edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner. I’m very excited to read Apex Magazine’s first compilation ever, and I’ll be hosting the editors this month as well.

Author Events:

I’m starting the year off with TWO interviews, something I didn’t do much of in 2015, but I hope to rectify that this year. I love poking into authors’ brains! On January 7th, I’m part of the Drake blog tour, where I’ll be interviewing Peter McLean. Don’t miss it, because the publisher is giving away FIVE copies of Drake!

Later in the month (no date set yet) I’ll be helping Apex Publications celebrate the release of the Best of Apex Magazine: Volume 1, edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner. I’ll be interviewing BOTH of them, so it should be fun times:-)

I’m skipping my Book Review Giveaway this month, simply because I only posted four reviews in December. But never fear, I’ll pick TWO WINNERS for next month’s giveaway, so you’ll have two months worth of books to choose from if you win:-)

Let me know what you’re up to this month, and if we’re reading any of the same books!

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19 responses to “What’s On My Plate – January 2016!!

    • Tammy

      I love lists too! I do like to TRY to organize myself each month, it makes things a little smoother, even if I don’t follow my plan entirely.

    • Tammy

      I just started it and so far I’m really enjoying it! We’ll see how it goes as I get further in:-)

  1. Marian Parsons

    I’ve had City of Blades and Lust Locked on preorder since they were announced; and have been in a pants-wetting frenzy of anticipation about City of Blades for a while. All the Birds in the Sky and The Last Weekend sound intriguing. Also, Stephen Blackmoore said he has finished a book, which I am hoping is the next installment in the Eric Carter series.

    So much good stuff; so many books in the queue.

    • Tammy

      The year is definitely starting out with a bang! The trick is to try to read everything that looks good, which is nearly impossible. I’m right there with you regarding City of Blades, I think it’s up next on the pile:-)

    • Tammy

      I’m still waiting for my copy of Apex, oh yes, read City of Stairs! It’s amazing:-)

  2. “Drake” is one of the most interesting titles I’ve seen around these past two weeks, and it might be a very intriguing read, while I’m very curious to read your review about “The Last Weekend”: after being drawn into the… zombie world by Mira Grant’s trilogy, it’s become something of a favorite subject – horrifying as it is… 😀
    Maddalena@spaceandsorcery recently posted…My 2015 in BooksMy Profile

    • Tammy

      You’ll be seeing my review of THE LAST WEEKEND very soon, it’s definitely not your typical zombie book, so it may not be your thing, but I guess you can judge for yourself when you read my review.

    • Tammy

      I’m excited to start the year off with plenty of awesome-looking books, for sure. I just started All the Birds, and so far I’m finding it very unique!

  3. I’m currently reading City of Blades on vacation and I’m loving it! I’m not sure what else I’ll be reading this month yet, but I’ve kept my January pretty light, so I guess I might be digging into my February books 🙂
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…2016 Audiobook ChallengeMy Profile

    • Tammy

      February seems like it will be pretty intense, I have quite a few review books for that month. Good idea starting early! And I’m so glad you’re loving City of Blades. You are a tough critic so for you to “love” it means it will most likely be spectacular!

  4. That’s a great selection for review. I’ve been looking forward to The Drowning Eyes ever since I first saw the cover, it completely drew me in.