What’s On My Plate – December 2015

On My Plate

What’s On My Plate is my monthly post about my reading and blogging plans for the coming month. Wow, what a year! 2015 went so fast, I can’t believe it’s the final month of the year. One last chance to squeeze in some books I wanted to read but just didn’t get to. So that’s what this month is all about for me: catching up with a few review books and hopefully a couple of non-review books as well.

But first, a quick recap of Sci-Fi Month, in case you missed any of these posts:

Sci fi banner 2015

This was my second year participating, and while I didn’t read as many sci-fi books as I hoped, I still had great fun. Here’s what you may have missed:

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Weighing Shadows by Lisa Goldstein – Review

And here are the books I hope to read/review this month:

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. I’ve had a copy of this book since July, and it’s also an Edelweiss download. Add in the fact that it’s seen lots of love in the blogging world, I plan on reading this one for sure.

Walk On Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson. Ditto, ditto and ditto! Same as above, an Edelweiss download as well as a physical ARC from Comic Con. This WILL be read in December:-)

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. I’ve seen lots of rave reviews of this book, plus this was in one of my Ace Roc Stars packages, and I’d love to check this off the list.

Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish. I fully intended to read this back in October, but it just didn’t happen. I really enjoyed book one, so I’d love to be caught up, just in case book three comes out next year.

Menagerie by Rachel Caine. This NetGalley ARC was high on my “must read” list, but when life got in the way, some books just got pushed to the side. I’d love to read this, as I’ve heard it’s VERY dark.

Rising Tide by Rajan Khanna. Here’s another book two that’s high on my list. I’ll most likely read this in the next week or two.

The Book Collector by Alice Thompson. Small UK press Salt Publishing sent me a copy of this slim psychological thriller, and I’ll fit this in for sure this month.

The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard. This is another Ace Roc Stars book that I’m excited to read.

The Machinery by Gerrard Gowan. I feel bad that I haven’t read this, since the author himself invited me to read this. I’m going to try very hard to squeeze this one in.

Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour. The author sent me a copy of book one of her series, and I’d love to read the first two books before book three comes out in April.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. Tor sent me a finished copy back in September, so I’d love to read this in December as well. Better late than never! Plus, I’ve heard really good things about it.

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada. I should have read this a few months ago, but you know how it goes…

Giveaways, etc:

My monthly Book Review Giveaway starts on the 17th this month, so keep an eye out for that. You can win one of the books I reviewed in November! And this month I’ve got all kinds of Top Ten lists planned, well who doesn’t, right? I love lists, and I love the end of the year when I can celebrate my favorite books. This month look for my Top Ten 2016 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To, my Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2015, my Top Ten Best Adult Books of the Year, my Top Ten Best Young Adult Books of the Year, and my Top Ten Most Anticipated Books for the First Half of 2016. Whew!

Let me know what you’re up to this month!

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    • Tammy

      I am about half way through and I LOVE it! It’s so weird, right? But yes, amazing.

    • Tammy

      Me too, I’ve heard lots of positive things. Hearing that about the ending makes me want to read it even more:-)