Sci-Fi Month 2015 – Welcome to the Party!

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I’m thrilled to be participating in Sci-Fi Month (previously known as Sci-Fi November) again! This year, Sci-Fi Month will be hosted by Rinn Reads and Over the Effing Rainbow, two lovely UK blogs that I’ve been following for a while. If you love Sci-Fi, then you shouldn’t miss this event! And if you’re a blogger, you can join in the fun any time you want during the month, simply click one of those links for more information. My personal plans for this event are somewhat fluid, because I haven’t figured out everything I’m going to do yet, but here’s what I DO have planned so far:

1. Sci-Fi Month Waiting on Wednesdays

Join me each Wednesday as I bring you a Sci-Fi book pick! That’s right, I’m concentrating on science fiction only this month. Don’t miss out, I may be highlighting books that NEED Β to be on your TBR shelf:-)

2. Science fiction reviews

This list might increase, but at the moment I have these three books planned for review for sure:

Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente. I was going to try to read this last month, but I realized it’s a perfect book for Sci-Fi Month, so I put it off for a week or so.

Planetfall by Emma Newman. I’ve had a copy of this for months, and I’m glad I waited, because once again, this is perfectly themed for November!

Inherit the Stars by Tony Peak. The cover makes it look like old-fashioned pulp sci-fi, and I’m looking forward to it.

3. Giveaways

Robot Universe by Ana Matronic. From the good folks at Sterling Publishing, I’ll be hosting a giveaway of this gorgeous coffee table-style book about robots in the media on November 6th. I’ve glanced through my own copy and it looks like a bunch of fun. Stay tuned for a review as well!

Made to Kill by Adam Christopher. I just joined the blog tour for this book, so check back on November 16th for my review, as well as a giveaway! I met Adam Christopher at Comic Con this past summer, and he was SUPER nice.

Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente. I’m mentioning this book twice, because I have an extra copy that I’ll be giving away when I post my review. Not sure yet whether I’ll part with the ARC or the finished hardcover. Hmmm, what to do??

And I’m sure there will be more Sci-Fi frivolity that isn’t listed above! Are you participating?Β 

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11 responses to “Sci-Fi Month 2015 – Welcome to the Party!

    • Tammy

      I read the first few pages of Radiance and “strange” is a very good word to use:-D But I will get back to it, I’m so curious to see how she pulls off such a crazy plot.

    • Tammy

      I’m curious to see your WoW picks! I have a feeling they might be different, we’ll see;-)

    • Tammy

      It’s a fun month, right? I wish I could quit my job for the month and just roll around in sci-fi books full time:-)

    • Tammy

      I noticed Mogsy only gave Planetfall 3 stars on GR, so I’m super curious to see what I think of it. Especially since so many people are RAVING about it. Made to Kill is next on my list!