I Need YOUR Opinion! Which Do You Use: Goodreads or booklikes?

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In the process of redesigning this blog, I’m also redoing my “follow” buttons. And I’m wondering, do I need a booklikes follow button?

Here’s what I think. When Amazon took over Goodreads and changed some of their rules, a lot of bloggers joined booklikes and even cancelled their Goodreads accounts. I myself created a booklikes profile, but to be honest, I haven’t really done anything with it. It’s just too much work to keep up with two different book management accounts, and frankly, I adore Goodreads and will never give it up. Plus, I tried a few things on booklikes and found it very unresponsive and hard to use.

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However, there are bloggers and readers who do use booklikes, and I certainly don’t want to leave them out. So I will make a booklike button if I feel it’s necessary, but I want to get some opinions first.

I’m also super excited to use a poll for the first time:) I’d love to hear from you! Which do you use? Or if you use both, which do you like better? Please answer the quick poll below, and feel free to leave a comment too! Your answers may determine whether or not I make a booklikes follow button…

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37 responses to “I Need YOUR Opinion! Which Do You Use: Goodreads or booklikes?

  1. I really saw nothing about booklikes that appeals to me. Sticking to GR TYVM. Plus I see the BL button and always think it is bloglovin.

  2. My Goodreads is like my little nest, I have everything just the way I want it. I don’t want to restart anywhere else. Plus the new rules haven’t effected me too much

  3. I’m on both, but I find BookLikes hard to use, especially for shelving books. In the end I use it only for cross-posting my reviews..

  4. Denise Z

    I use Goodreads, have not really explored Booklikes and am really not sure I want to start all over again LOL

  5. I’d never even heard of this booklikes thing until I saw your post just now. I’m already on GR and Shelfari and Library Thing. Last thing I need is another place to record my reading. Plus, I like GR. Not going to leave any time soon.

  6. Alina

    I use Goodreads and I’m happy with it. I just recently heard about Booklikes so I haven’t checked it out yet.

  7. Suz Reads

    I’ve use Goodreads mostly and like it because it’s fairly easy to use. I created a Booklikes account and tried to do a few things but didn’t think it was as easy to use as Goodreads so am not that inclined to use it.

  8. Alyn Y

    Never even heard of Booklikes. Goodreads has been working well for me for the past few years so I have never saw a reason to look for something different.

  9. I voted for Goodreads, because it’s just… it’s my main thing! I can’t quit it! I did make an account on Booklikes, but I don’t really maintain it as obsessively as I do my Goodreads account. It’s nice, but it just doesn’t feel as accessible (in some ways) as Goodreads does.

  10. I use Goodreads! I don’t see Goodreads and BookLikes as alternatives. They’re slightly different. Goodreads is more about organizing, cataloging, reviewing, and keeping track of your books/shelves. I see BookLikes as trying to be more of a community, with a focus on blogging and chatting. Well I already have my own blog and have no interest in maintaining a BookLikes blog, so that kind of settles it for me! Their review/cataloging options are limited and not as advanced as the ones on Goodreads.

  11. I’m still on Goodreads. I created an account on BookLikes but I really don’t like the site. It’s much more than I need. I don’t need the blogging part, since I already have a book blog. Some people have crossed over to BL but not a lot. Most of the people I follow are still on GR. I mainly use GR to track my reading and catalog my books. I used to have my reviews on there but after what happened last Fall, I decided to delete all of my review from the site and now I just provide a link to my review on my blog.

    There’s another new site that is trying to be the next GR and it’s called Leafmarks. I signed up but truth be told, I still use GR as my primary tracking site.

  12. Pabkins

    See I love Goodreads so I really think I’ll always use that. I have a booklikes account but it just seems like its just another blog. I already have a blog so why do I want to maintain and comment on another one there – or have comments there that should really be going to my blog. With Goodreads its different yes there is commenting and my review is there also but I kind of view that as like a facebook for readers and authors. Where people I know who aren’t into books use facebook I use goodreads. Its my social outlet I guess for my nerddom where I can find books other people are reading instantly, stalk friends, etc. So yeah I’ll keep giving bookslikes a chance but I don’t even think they changes that were made to the GR policy even really had a big negative effect. I think they intended it as a stronger ‘be respectful’ sort of policy. I don’t know anyone personally who had any reviews taken down – do you?

    • I don’t know anyone personally, but someone from one of the blogs I read had some issues. It seems like the flurry to head over to Booklikes was really big for a few weeks, just to prove something to Goodreads, then it died down. I might just delete my account there, I never go!

  13. John Bohnert

    I really like Goodreads. I’ve only been a member for the past three years. I visit GR several times a day.