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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. Today is a “freebie” Top Ten, and I wanted to do something different. I feel like a lot of my past Top Ten posts about books are just rehashes of the same thing (which is why I don’t do Top Ten Tuesday very often any more). So today, I’m happy to bring you the Top Ten Funniest Author Blogs that I’ve come across in my adventures in the wonderful, wacky world of the internet. I try to follow all my favorite authors’ blogs, and some of them are just downright hysterical! I love humor, or at least I love a certain kind of humor. These writers deliver funny content on their blogs every time (except when they’re being serious, of course!) Here they are, in no particular order:

1Jay KristoffJay Kristoff (author of Stormdancer and the soon to be released sequel, Kinslayer) Well, what can I say? Jay’s blog is just crazy. This man is a comic genius, which is odd because Stormdancer was not that funny.  It’s just as entertaining to read his blog posts as it is to read his books. Check out this post about Jay’s take on the importance of having a great book cover, and how long it actually takes for readers to decide whether or not they will pick up your book. Read the entire post, you won’t be sorry:)

2Kinley BakerKinley Baker (author of Ruined and Excuse My Fairy). I have to admit, I have not read any of Kinley’s books. (sorry!) But for some reason, I subscribed to her blog posts. And I’m so glad I did. Otherwise I never would have read this hysterically funny post about how she hates zombies but loves The Walking Dead. And how her husband wants to live in that world.

3Gina DamicoGina Damico (author of Croak, Scorch & the upcoming Rogue).  Gina is another author that I’ve been following for a while, yet I still haven’t managed to read her books! I blame this on myself, and the over-crowded reading schedule I’ve gotten myself into and can’t seem to get out of. But she is so funny, and her posts are all over the place! Check out this one about how she and her husband spent their third wedding anniversary.

4pat rothfussPatrick Rothfuss (author of The Name of the Wind & The Wise Man’s Fear) I’ve been following Pat’s blog since I read The Name of the Wind about five years ago. I love the charity he’s involved with, Worldbuilders, which is the serious side of Pat. But he’s got an awesome sense of humor as well. He often talks about beards, for example. Here’s a recent post about book signings that make me laugh out loud!

5Kimberly SabatiniKimberly Sabatini (author of Touching the Surface) I loved Kim’s debut, and she’s been nice enough to respond to some emails and tweets I’ve sent her way. I love that she lets us into her personal life when she blogs. It’s so much more interesting than just reading post after post about book promotion. Here’s a recent post about her family getting ready to move.

6Hilary Weisman GrahamHilary Weisman Graham (author of Reunited) Hilary is another author that often strays from talking about her book, to talking about other important things like…curly hair, for example! I also learned from her blog that you can indeed make yourself into a Lego! This is the type of information I’m looking for, people! Thanks, Hilary!

Kevin HearneK7evin Hearne (Author of The Iron Druid Chronicles).  Kevin is one of those writers that always seems to be happy. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s written an awesome urban fantasy series (with dogs!), and in fact he’s still writing the series. He loves to run photo contests on his blog, like this one, and he’s got one of the funniest author profiles I’ve ever read. I believe he’ll be at San Diego Comic Con this year, so I’m hoping to meet him (or at least see him from a very far distance!).

8Chuck WendigChuck Wendig (Author of Blackbirds and The Blue Blazes). I just read my first Chuck Wendig book (The Blue Blazes, reviewed here) and was blown away. I wanted to see if the humor in the book could be found on his blog, and yes, I’m happy to report, it is! Chuck’s writing is spare, mean and ultra-descriptive. Just read one of his books if you want to see what I’m talking about. And he’s pretty damn funny, too. Check out this recent post about his take on book blurbs.

9Wesley ChuWesley Chu (Author of The Lives of Tao). I recently read and loved Wes’ debut novel, and it turns out he’s just as funny on his blog as he is in his book. He likes to swear, which I have the utmost respect for, having cut my swearing way back since having kids. He also talks a lot about his dog Eva, which I love (I’m a dog person). Here’s a post with adorable Eva, and don’t miss his very funny “About” section here.

10Martin Millar2Martin Millar (Author of Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Good Fairies of New York). Martin has been writing for quite a while and has oodles of books published. I love his very dry British humor, and it carries over onto his blog. He’s a huge Buffy fan (Yea!!) and he loves comic books and video games. In short, he’s a geek. Which is fine with me…Here he rambles on about Tomb Raider.

So, who are your favorite funny authors? Do you have a favorite funny author I should check out? Please let me know, and link me back to your top ten as well!

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12 responses to “Tammy’s Top Ten Funniest Author Blogs!

  1. I love this list, so much! I’ll have to follow some of these guys! I love following Maureen Johnson’s blog! She once did a post about the plot of Taken 2 that had me rolling around on a coffee shop floor!
    My TTT

  2. I don’t read author blogs very often. Clearly I’m missing out!! Thanks for sharing these. It’s funny because I don’t think of all of these authors as writing particularly humorous books, but I see they have a witty side.

  3. Great list. I am really interested in checking out these author blogs now.
    I’m so glad you have Chuck Wendig on your list. I love his blog. I laugh out loud a lot. A. Lot.
    Happy Reading!

    My TTT

  4. Oh my gosh, what an awesome list! And I’m surprised Maggie Stiefvater isn’t on it. I now have a bunch of new author blogs to follow. Yay!