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Are you an indie writer who isn’t taking the traditional publishing route?  If so, you may be ignoring one of the most important steps in preparing a manuscript for self-publishing:  proofreading.  I have read many self-published novels, and I have yet to find an example of a perfectly edited and proofed manuscript.  In fact, many indies I’ve read contain so many errors that the story becomes lost and takes a backseat to the typos.  When I start reading a book that has errors on just about every page, I just want to throw the thing away.  For any writer, especially those who are trying to gain a foothold in the digital publishing world, this can be catastrophic.

Even if you have a vast support system of friends and family who are anxious to help your publishing career along by “reading” and “commenting” on your manuscript, rarely are they qualified to correctly identify all the writing and typing mistakes that are normal in a first, second or even third draft.  Aside from misspellings and typos, a little thing like leaving out a word can alter the context of your story.  Anything that causes the reader to stop reading and say “huh?” is not a good thing.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to have a neutral reader, someone who isn’t invested in the story on an emotional level (like a wife, husband, or brother-in-law) check it over carefully before you send it to off to be published.

Pricing: I have found that the best and fairest way to charge for proofreading is a per word price. It’s easy to calculate a price for my proofreading services. Simply look at the bottom of your Word document, take the word count, and multiply by .003.  For example, a 50,000 word manuscript x .003 will be $ 150.00Proofreading includes:

catching typos * misspelled words * missing or extra words * punctuation errors * formatting errors. 

Line editing (correcting sentence structure and improving the overall flow of the writing) is not the same as proofreading, and if you’d like more in-depth editing the price will be higher. Please let me know if this is a service you think you need (otherwise I can tell you as soon as I start reading your manuscript), and I can quote a price for you.

Payment is via PayPal, and will be collected as soon as the project is complete.

Here are some of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of proofreading. The authors have agreed to be references for me, so please feel free to contact them:

Brett Battles

Philip Hawley, Jr.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form below and I will respond to any questions you have. Turn-around time can be negotiated, so please let me know your desired time frame.   Thank you for considering my services and helping to rid the indie publishing world of typos!

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