Waiting on Wednesday [252] – THE UPLOADED by Ferrett Steinmetz

Waiting on Wednesday is the brainchild of Breaking the Spine, although Jill isn’t hosting this meme anymore. In any case, I will continue to post Waiting on Wednesdays, simply because it’s one of my favorite posts to do each week:-D

Angry Robot has the best covers lately, and this one is no exception:

Life sucks and then you die… a cyberpunk family drama from the ingenious author of Flex.

In the near future, the elderly have moved online and now live within the computer network. But that doesn’t stop them interfering in the lives of the living, whose sole real purpose now is to maintain the vast servers which support digital Heaven. For one orphan that just isn’t enough – he wants more for himself and his sister than a life slaving away for the dead. It turns out that he’s not the only one who wants to reset the world…

The Uploaded by Ferrett Steinmetz. Releases in September 2017 from Angry Robot. And yes, for those Joey HiFi fans out there, this is one of his covers:-O Isn’t it awesome? I’m very sad to report that I have not read Steinmetz’s ‘Mancer series, but I do hope to remedy that one day. In the meantime, despite a very brief story blurb, I’m already looking forward to this.

Let me know what you’re waiting on this week:-D

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10 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday [252] – THE UPLOADED by Ferrett Steinmetz

    • Tammy

      Thanks Barb, they are doing fine. It’s weird, everything seems to be back to normal. I was thinking we might have to keep them separated long term, but they’re back to sleeping in bed with us as usual. Hope it never happens again:-/

  1. This sounds great – and who am I kidding – I would pick up this author in a New York Minute after his Flux/Flex/Fix series.
    And, look at that cover – I can barely tear me eyes away.
    Lynn 😀