A Big, Bold Series Ending: INTO DARKNESS (Night Prowler #6) by J.T, Geissinger – Review

Into Darkness 3D

Into Darkness (Night Prowler #6) by J.T. Geissinger
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release date: October 21 2014
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Pages: 400

five stars

Wow, what a ride it’s been…a six book, two-year wild ride full of big, bold characters, sizzling sexytimes, and first-rate world-building. It’s rare that I ever make it through an entire series these days, and even rarer when the series is six books long. But I’m so happy I’ve stuck with Geissinger’s Night Prowler books, because I’ve enjoyed every one immensely. This is one series that could go on and on, in my humble opinion, because even in this last book I could see plot threads that begged to be expanded upon. But all good things must come to an end, yes? And no matter how much Geissinger must love her characters, I’m sure she’s ready to move on as well.

One big difference with this book is that I wouldn’t recommend reading it as a stand-alone. The previous five books worked well in that respect, because they each encapsulated their own plots and characters. But this time around, you will get more out of Into Darkness if you read the previous five books first.

I know how difficult it can be to read a review of the last book in a series, especially if you haven’t started that series. Will there be spoilers? Will the review make any sense if you aren’t already invested in the characters and world-building? Will you even read this review? I personally tend to skip reviews like this one, for all the above reasons, and so this time around, I’m leaving out spoilers for those of you who may want to start this series, but don’t want lots of plot details. Instead, I’m giving you my top ten reasons I loved Into Darkness, and some reasons in general that you should read the Night Prowler books:

1. Geissinger brings back all the characters from her previous books. This book was, in many ways, like a family reunion. Each couple (remember, these are romances, people!) from each book makes an appearance, and I can’t tell you how much fun I had reacquainting myself with them!

2. We get to see “what happens next” after Darkness Bound‘s startling events. At the time I wouldn’t have called those events “cliff-hangers,” but reading more about them made me jump up and down with glee!

3. Sisters! In this book, we meet twin sisters Lumina and Honor, who were separated as babies and are now reunited for the first time in twenty-four years. Can I just say, this may be my very favorite “sister” relationship ever? These two girls have some baggage to get past before they can really get to know each other, and each time they are in the same scene, the story leaps off the page. And for the first time during this series, I’ve actually enjoyed a sibling relationship more than the romantic one.

4. The Ikati. I’ve grown to love this race of shape-shifters more and more as the series has progressed, and Geissinger makes me love them even more in her final book. They are a race of great power and beauty, but they are also hunted and must stay hidden if they are to survive.

5. The Ikati’s gifts. Each Ikati has special gifts that add to the strength of the group, and in Into Darkness, Geissinger really steps up her game and gives her characters some very unique and cool gifts. Color me jealous! I would love to be able to turn solid matter into dust like Magnus, or foretell the future in my dreams like Demetrius.

6. Into Darkness takes place in the future. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is more of a post apocalyptic story that I expected, but by setting her story in the future, Geissinger is able to not only show the horrible effects of a certain event from the past, but also to give her characters more devastating problems to overcome.

7. Dragons! I don’t want to spoil the actual reason for dragons being part of the series, but let’s just say I was surprised and delighted by the unexpected way that the author uses dragons, especially in this book.

8. A fast-paced plot that is perfectly balanced with quieter, more emotional moments. You may not equate “romance” with “fast-paced plot,” but let me tell you, Geissinger is a master at pacing, and she really does know how to strike a satisfying balance between action and romance.

9. The relationships. I already mentioned how wonderful the relationship is between sisters Lumina and Honor, but there are other emotional and heartwarming bonds as well, like the one between Lumina and her father. Yes, the romance between Lumina and Magnus is hot, but this time around, I was more interested in the other relationships.

10. Happy endings! I don’t think it’s a spoiler to reveal that all ends well at the end of Into Darkness. After all, this is a romance at heart, where such things as happy endings are expected. (And for those of you with smut on your minds, this book has a satisfying amount of that type of happy ending as well!)

And so I bid a fond “farewell” to the Night Prowler series. I can’t wait to see what J.T. has in store for us next! I, for one, will be the first in line. Now please excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

Big thanks to Montlake Romance for supplying a review copy.

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3 responses to “A Big, Bold Series Ending: INTO DARKNESS (Night Prowler #6) by J.T, Geissinger – Review

  1. I haven’t read this series yet, so I only skimmed your review, although my associate blogger, Lorna, absolutely adores Geissinger’s writing. Her feedback actually posts tomorrow on the blog, you two should compare notes. 5-stars is definitely how you want to go out!

  2. Glad to hear the series goes out with a bang! (and lol at #10) I will definitely keep this series in mind- you make it sound fantastic!