Waiting on Wednesday (100!) THE LESSER DEAD by Christopher Buehlman

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Welcome to Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by Breaking the Spine, where we get to share the books we’re pining for! It just happens to be my 100th WoW post today! That’s about two years worth of WoWs. I’ve been on a horror kick lately, so this week I have another horror pick that sounds really good:

The Lesser Dead

The Lesser Dead by Christopher Buehlman. Release date: October 7 2014 (Berkley Hardcover). This isn’t Buehlman’s first book by a long shot, although I’m sorry to say I haven’t read his previous books. But this is definitely going on my list. Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

The secret is, vampires are real and I am one.
The secret is, I’m stealing from you what is most truly yours and I’m not sorry… 

New York City in 1978 is a dirty, dangerous place to live. And die. Joey Peacock knows this as well as anybody—he has spent the last forty years as an adolescent vampire, perfecting the routine he now enjoys: womanizing in punk clubs and discotheques, feeding by night, and sleeping by day with others of his kind in the macabre labyrinth under the city’s sidewalks.

The subways are his playground and his highway, shuttling him throughout Manhattan to bleed the unsuspecting in the Sheep Meadow of Central Park or in the backseats of Checker cabs, or even those in their own apartments who are too hypnotized by sitcoms to notice him opening their windows. It’s almost too easy.

Until one night he sees them hunting on his beloved subway. The children with the merry eyes. Vampires, like him…or not like him. Whatever they are, whatever their appearance means, the undead in the tunnels of Manhattan are not as safe as they once were.

And neither are the rest of us.


Doesn’t this sound like fun? I love the idea of vampires in New York City in the 70s…I can’t help but think of punk rock Spike on Buffy. Anyone? Let me know what you’re waiting on!


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8 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday (100!) THE LESSER DEAD by Christopher Buehlman

  1. Wow. One hundred of these. That is some prolific waiting. Ever go back and see how many of them you got around to reading? I would like that stat.

  2. Christopher Buehlman needs to stop putting out books until I catch up with the ones by him that are already out! 😛 Still have THOSE ACROSS THE RIVER and another one of his to read.