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Welcome to the Morningside Fall Blog Tour, hosted by Angry Robot! I’m so excited to be a part of this tour, and I’m extra thrilled that Jay Posey is visiting the blog once more. I just reviewed Morningside Fall, and you can read my review here. Keep reading, because at the end of this post I have a giveaway of one copy of Morningside Fall up for grabs for a U.S. resident. For the most part, this interview is spoiler-free, so please welcome Jay Posey to Books, Bones & Buffy!

Jay Posey

BB&B: Congrats on making it through your second book, Jay! They say the second one is always the hardest, or so I’ve heard. What kinds of challenges did you find writing Morningside Fall that you weren’t expecting?

JP: Thanks for the congrats, and thanks for having me by!

Oh man, I apparently didn’t get the memo about the second one, because I foolishly thought that since I’d written a novel before, doing it again would of course be easier! Ha ha!  Joke’s on me!

Most of the things that made Morningside Fall a challenge for me were my own doing.  For one thing, I underestimated the effect having a deadline was going to have on me.  I’m blessed to have a writing-oriented day job, so I thought I was pretty used to working under the pressure of a looming deadline.  I think I failed to take into account what it’d be like to have to be working on two deadlines, one in the day job, and one in my “free time.”

I also wasn’t prepared for how much I was going to fret about disappointing fans.  With the first book, I was more concerned about whether or not anyone was actually going to like what I’d written, and that didn’t really worry me until I’d already finished it.  The second time around, I let myself get paralyzed sometimes thinking that maybe I’d only had one book in me after all.

I think you’ve proven that you definitely have more than one book in you:-) Morningside Fall is a great combination of old favorite characters from Three as well as some new ones. What character was especially fun to write this time around?

I really enjoyed writing the Blindfold character.  I had a strange thing happen with him, actually.  When I was in the early planning stages of the book, he sort of popped into my mind and insisted that he was going to be in the story.  I had no idea who he was or even what he wanted at the time, but no matter how much I tried to ignore him, he just kept hanging around.  And when I finally realized who he was, it genuinely took me by surprise.  So that was kind of a cool experience.  Or, maybe somewhat disturbing.  But he was great fun to write.

I also had a good time with Gamble and her team (Wren’s personal guard).  They are such a cohesive unit, it was kind of like they were one multi-faceted character.  I didn’t get to explore each of them individually in the book as deeply as I would’ve liked because I didn’t want to write a thousand page novel, but I know them all pretty well and I like hanging out with them.

Morningside Fall

I have to agree…I loved hanging with Gamble and her team as well! As if you haven’t already imagined this…imagine you are a resident of Morningside Fall, and you’ve just been thrown out of the city, to fend for yourself against the Weir. What was your crime, and what is your strategy for staying alive?

I’m sure my crime would have something to do with what I’ve done to my characters.

Actually, given the state of Morningside at the beginning of the book, I suspect my crime would be something to do with trying to prevent an Awakened from being assaulted by other citizens. Outside, I’d probably try to scavenge during the day, and then find as secure a hiding place as I could near the city’s wall before the sun went down.  I don’t much like my chances, though.

Unless of course it’s fair game to say I’d befriend Blindfold, in which case I’d just hang out with him all the time.

Blindfold is definitely someone whose good side you want to be on…The end of the book gives us an idea of where Wren is headed next. You also separated some characters that don’t want to leave each other. Is this your evil scheme to make sure readers continue the story of Wren and Cass, or are you just trying to break our hearts?

Believe it or not, that was something that came organically out of the writing, so I blame it on the story!  I knew that moment was coming from the planning I’d done, but I honestly wasn’t sure what decision was going to get made right there at the end.  And even though I wrote it, I had to wrestle with it after the fact.  But it was what felt truest to the characters, so in the end I had to go with it.  Of course, if it has the added bonus of making people want to keep reading, I won’t complain!

Looking ahead, are you working on anything else that you can share with us?

I’m currently working on Book 3 in the Duskwalker series, and that’s really taking the lion’s share of my focus.  I have a couple of other projects in various stages of planning, but neither of them are in good enough shape for me to talk about yet.

Thanks again for inviting me to stop by!

Thanks so much for visiting, Jay! Are you new to the series? Don’t miss the first book in the Legends of the Duskwalker Trilogy, Three:


About the author:

Jay Posey is a professional typist with a face for radio and a voice for print. He’s the author of the novels THREE and MORNINGSIDE FALL, published by Angry Robot Books, and is Senior Narrative Designer at Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment, where he has spent many years contributing as a writer and game designer to Tom Clancy’s award-winning Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises. 

He blogs occasionally at and spends more time than he probably should hanging around Twitter as @HiJayPosey.

Find Jay: Author Blog | Twitter | Goodreads

Find Morningside Fall: Amazon US | Amazon UK \ Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | IndieBound | Goodreads

And now for the giveaway! One U.S. winner will receive a copy of Morningside Fall, thanks to publisher Angry Robot. Entering is simple: just leave a comment for Jay on this post, or let me know if you’ve started this series. I will randomly select one commenter on Friday, May 16th. Please feel free to tweet about the giveaway for extra points (one per day), and simply let me know in the comments if you tweet.

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  1. Lori H

    This certainly sounds like an interesting series and I’m looking forward to reading it. I enjoyed the interview 🙂 And thanks for the review.

  2. I have been eyeing this series for a few months now, by the looks of it I should add this one to my wish list. Thank You for the review too 🙂
    Tweeted about giveaway also [dduffield75]

  3. What a fun Q&A! Sophomore books are so much pressure, but it sounds like it all worked out. I haven’t started this series yet, so don’t enter me in the giveaway, though you and Jay have piqued my interest!

  4. I haven’t read the first one yet but now I’m very interested to know why all these people are chasing them. And why is three helping them. You got me hooked from the review.

  5. Bonnie Hiligoss

    I have seen Three around and it always caught my interest, but I haven’t acted on it yet. If I happened to win Morningside Fall, it would motivate me to get Three ASAP! Loved how the Blindfold character came to be. Thank you for a chance to win a copy!