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Happy May, everyone! So, April was a very rough month for me. My personal life took off and left this poor blog in the dust. I had several big events for the PTA and my daughter’s choir that I worked on during April, and in the middle of the month I started working full-time. I’m planning a discussion post soon about how life can get in the way of blogging, so I’ll talk more about the job later, but just to put things in perspective, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past fifteen years, and I figured it was finally time to start adding to the family pot, since college isn’t too far away (gasp!!). But it’s been a very hard adjustment, and not only have my family, house, and dogs suffered, but this blog has suffered as well. I’ve barely read anything this past month, and when I do have a sliver of time to myself, it seems I have things that have to take priority over blogging, like doing the laundry or chores or maybe going to the grocery store so my family doesn’t starve. I’m sure things will level out eventually, at least I hope so. The last thing I want is to have to stop blogging because I have a full-time job.

But like I said, let’s save that for a discussion post. I will show you what I need to read this month, but I very much doubt I’ll get to all these books. Here’s what’s on my plate for May:

For review from Publishers:

For review from author:

Technicolor terrorists

Andre offered me a copy of his book, and since he’s friends with an author whose book I loved (Wayne Simmons, author of Plastic Jesus), I said “hell yes!” I’m planning on reading this soon.

Blog Tours:

I have two Angry Robot blog tours this month! Please stop by Monday for an interview with author Jay Posey (Morningside Fall). I’ll be posting my review of the book, too.

Next is the Peacemaker tour, and my date is May 13th. I’m reading this right now and it’s pretty different and so far I’m really enjoying it. Both tours will have giveaways, so be sure to check back!


Other than the blog tour giveaways, I’m taking a break this month. Sorry folks! I usually do my Book Review Giveaway each month, and give you a chance to win one of the books I reviewed, but since April was such a depressing month for reviews (and I mean that I read embarrassingly few books), I’ve decided to combine April and May, so next month you can win a book that I reviewed in either month.

That’s my month, folks. Wish me luck with trying to find time to read! Let me know what your month is going to be like!

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12 responses to “What’s On My Plate – May 2014

  1. I’ve read the Falconer. It’s pretty good, a real treat if you love stories about the Fae. But the one thing that really stuck in my mind is the big, infuriatingly abrupt cliffhanger. I mean, I’m no stranger to cliffhangers but this one still made me go WTF! and almost drop the book in my incredulity. Don’t let that stop you from reading though, it’s still enjoyable!

    And I’m very curious to see what you’ll think of Second Star, crossing my fingers that it’ll make it as one of your books that get reviewed this month!

    • I’m looking forward to both of those, although I’m not a fan of cliff hangers either. I’ve read mixed reviews about Second Star, so we’ll see…

  2. I really enjoyed Second Star and I don’t normally read contemp. Maybe that helped? I hope I love The Silk Map and Feather Bound and Peacemaker lol. Good luck with your reading