Waiting on Wednesday (96) THE HELLSBLOOD BRIDE by Chuck Wendig

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Breaking the Spine, where bloggers can share the upcoming books they’re excited about. This week Chuck Wendig had a cover reveal on his blog for a book I would literally kill for. Yes folks, there are not too many things I would kill for. My kids, definitely. My husband, maybe. But this book, for sure. This is the second book in a trilogy (I think it’s a trilogy), after The Blue Blazes, which if you regularly read this blog, you will know was my very favorite book last year. Here’s the cover for book two:

The Hellsblood Bride


The Hellsblood Bride (Mookie Pearl #2) by Chuck Wendig. Release date: January 1 2015 (Angry Robot). So, that woman who is being dragged down to hell is Nora, the kinda nasty daughter of Mookie Pearl. (That’s Mookie above trying to save her, I’m thinking.) Nora found herself in a pickle at the end of The Blue Blazes, and it’s been torture waiting to find out what happens next. Here’s a short description of the book from Goodreads:

Yes, we’re going back deep underground for another twelve rounds with Mookie Pearl. Father, barkeep, former Mafioso, ruler of his subterranean crime-kingdom. The Organization is back, and they’ll do anything to get Mookie on board, but Mookie has gone legit, and it’s taking every ounce of effort for him to keep his new bar from crashing and burning. To top it all, his daughter is missing, and when Nora’s not in plain sight, that’s usually a sign of bad things to come! On one hand, the Organization. On the other, Nora. Why can’t Family ever be easy?


Seriously, urban fantasy fans, you need to read this series! You have until January to catch up, so what are you waiting for? Let me know what you’re waiting on this week.


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9 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday (96) THE HELLSBLOOD BRIDE by Chuck Wendig

  1. Oh hell yes! But I think I am looking forward to his Heartland sequel a bit more. And the next Miriam Black book. Of all his stuff this is probably on the bottom for me, which is to say it’s still amazing because it’s Chuck Wendig 😛

  2. I love how the more you look at these covers the more detail you see – its amazing! Did you see someone put a Miriam Black cover tattoo on themselves! Isn’t that amazing!!?