RAPTURE’S EDGE by J. T. Geissinger – Review

Rapture's Edge 3DRapture’s Edge: A Night Prowler Novel by J. T. Geissinger

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Release date: June 18 2013

Source: Finished copy from publisher

Pages: 425

five stars

In a word: an awesome race of supernatural creatures, toe-tingling romance, a plot full of danger and secrets, and characters that you will fall in love with.

Well, J.T. has done it again! In this third installment of her Night Prowler series, she immerses her readers in the carefully built and stunningly described world of the Ikati, a race of shape-shifters who are descended from Cleopatra and are able to shift into panthers and turn into Vapor. Each book focuses on a different set of characters, who ultimately hook up romantically, but some of the characters from the previous books also make appearances in order to tie the series together. These books are not mere romantic fluff. They are beautifully written and full of dangerous, intriguing and hotter than hell characters! And if you are a newbie to Geissinger’s world, never fear: each book can be read as a stand-alone, as the author does fill in the important parts of the world building that you might have missed.

Rapture’s Edge is Eliana and Demetrius’ story and mostly takes place in the mysterious Catacombs of Paris. Eliana, a full-blooded Ikati who is able to transform into a panther, turn to Vapor at will, and blend into the shadows so as to seem nearly invisible, has been living in Paris for the past three years after fleeing her home in Rome where she lived as little more than a prisoner. She and her brother Caesar live with Silas and several other Roman Ikati who have also left Rome. Eliana uses her Ikati skills to earn money fighting in the catacombs (like a fight club) and as a thief stealing precious jewels and art, which she gives to her human friend Gregor to sell for her. But one night, on a mission to steal a Degas from the Louvre, Eliana is caught and taken in for questioning. Unfortunately, the men who have arrested her suspect she is something more than human, and they will do anything to find out her secrets.

Demetrius (referred to in the story as “D”) is in Rome when he has a prophetic dream that Eliana is in danger, and without much thought he races to Paris to save her. But seeing D again only makes Eliana angry, since he betrayed her in Rome three years ago. Long buried feelings have a way of rising to the surface, however, and the sparks between the two begin to fly as they try to evade danger, stop an evil plot from brewing, and try to keep from killing each other whenever they are together.

I fell back into this series with a happy sigh and barely came up for air until I’d turned the last page. Geissinger’s settings are always so romantic and intriguing, and this book is no exception. I loved the Catacombs as a setting (check out these photos—this is a real place, guys!). It gave the characters lots of tunnels and nooks to hide in while they were being chased!

Geissinger writes characters that are bigger than life—and yes, a bit over-the-top—but every bulging muscle and smoldering glance leads to some very epic romantic moments. The sexual tension between D and Eliana sizzles, and it’s a long time before the reader gets any kind of, um, release, which is a good thing. You won’t find any insta-love in Rapture’s Edge. Eliana spends at least half the book hating D with a fiery passion, and she’s got a good reason to do so (at least she thinks she does!). But when she finally caves in to her reluctant longing for D, you can practically hear sweeping music in the background. And D isn’t the only male who wants Eliana. Just about every guy in the story, human or otherwise, seems to be in love with her, which makes for some interesting choices. I personally wanted her to go for Gregor, her enterprising human friend who saves her more than once, and I’m hoping he gets more story time in the next book. (Oh my God, I hope there’s going to be a Next Book!)

And let’s not forget the bad guys, who are extremely bad and keep Eliana, D and their friends on their toes, trying to stay alive. There are evil plots afoot, plots that could end the Ikati’s secret existence and wreak havoc on the lives of humans everywhere. Eliana’s conniving brother Caesar and his equally evil advisor Silas bring a true Shakespearian quality to this story. We’re also introduced to The Hunt, a group of assassins who are sent by the Ikati Queen in England to kill Eliana and D, and they give us some nail-biting “How the hell are they going to get out of this one?” moments.

Secrets, betrayal, danger, misunderstandings, pulse-pounding action, buried longings, emotional angst and toe-curling sexual tension—Rapture’s Edge has all this and more. Where some books only come close to giving readers the complete package, the Night Prowler books succeed every time.

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  1. Thank you for your great review, Tammy! Can’t wait for you to read the next book, Edge of Darkness, which comes out in December. So glad you’re enjoying the series!