Book Into Movie #3: THE HUNGER GAMES

Anyone who doesn’t know today is opening day for The Hunger Games is living under a rock, or maybe just doesn’t have internet or tv service.  If you live in a house with preteens or teenagers, or if you are a female of any age who has read Suzanne Collins’ books, you have most likely either already been to a midnight screening or have pre-purchased tickets for today.  I fall into the latter category, and will be waiting in line with hundreds of other movie-goers this afternoon. My own preteen daughter and her friend spent a great deal of time yesterday figuring out what they were going to wear to the movie, making their own t-shirts and accessories, and loudly arguing over who rules: Gale or Peeta (yes folks, it’s Team Edward vs. Team Jacob all over again!) I told my husband The Hunger Games movie phenomenon  was going to be sort of like the Beatles coming to America. He doesn’t believe me, but I’m sure after the weekend box office results are tallied my predictions of movie success will prove true.

It’s true, I can’t wait to see the movie.  But I am delighted for its success for one reason, really.  All the fuss, merchandising, screaming fans, beautiful actors, stirring soundtrack, and anticipation would not exist without one small thing: a book.  That’s how it all started, and no matter how well the movie does, or how famous the actors become, it wouldn’t exist without the hard work, sweat and tears that Suzanne Collins undoubtedly put into her creation.  It all starts with one person, sitting at a desk (or Starbucks), staring at a computer screen and turning their imagination into something palpable. (Insert stirring soundtrack here).  Can we live without The Hunger Games movie? Maybe, but one thing is for sure.  The movie would not be able to live without the book.

In case you missed the trailer:

See you at the movies!!

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