Blast From the Past #1 – ANONYMOUS REX by Eric Garcia

Welcome to “Blast From the Past,” a new category that sort of created itself.  Let me explain.  Yesterday I went looking for a book in my very unorganized library and ended up finding this one instead, Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia.  I read it and the other two books in the series about ten years ago, and enjoyed them immensely.  Anonymous Rex is the story of Vincent Rubio, a velociraptor PI who is addicted to basil and wears a human suit to disguise himself.  Because, well, the humans don’t know that dinosaurs still exist and are here with us on earth disguised as humans.  Got it?  This book is as funny as the premise, and once you stop trying to figure out how this could possibly work, how a dinosaur could pass for human, you’ll most likely love it as much as I did.

The two follow-up books, Casual Rex and Hot and Sweaty Rex, are just as funny.  Plus, how can you go wrong with titles like these?  Sadly, most of his books seem to be out of print, although it looks like Amazon has some of them for sale.  Some savvy publisher really needs to re-release these, in my opinion.

So today I am happy that my library is a mess.  If not, it may have been years before Anonymous Rex jumped out at me from the shelves.  Sometimes it pays to be unorganized.

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Posted December 18, 2011 by Tammy in Blast From the Past / 0 Comments